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Cane Run

Decrease in Nitrogen Dioxide (2005-2013): 

Nitrogen Dioxide Trends for US Power Plants

Power Plant State 2005 Average NO2 (molecules/cm2) * 2013 Average NO2 (molecules/cm2) * Decrease in Nitrogen Dioxide (2005-2013)
Cane Run KY 7.17E+15 5.55E+15 22.60%
Coleman KY 6.07E+15 4.28E+15 29.50%
E W Brown KY 3.72E+15 2.63E+15 29.40%
Elmer Smith KY 5.89E+15 4.07E+15 31.00%
Ghent KY 6.93E+15 4.36E+15 37.00%
Mill Creek KY 5.54E+15 4.25E+15 23.30%
Paradise KY 5.17E+15 3.15E+15 39.00%
Shawnee KY 4.55E+15 3.36E+15 26.20%