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Killen Station

Decrease in Nitrogen Dioxide (2005-2013): 

Nitrogen Dioxide Trends for US Power Plants

Power Plant State 2005 Average NO2 (molecules/cm2) * 2013 Average NO2 (molecules/cm2) * Decrease in Nitrogen Dioxide (2005-2013)
Avon Lake Power Plant OH 5.24E+15 3.53E+15 32.70%
Conesville OH 5.06E+15 3.44E+15 32.10%
Eastlake OH 6.05E+15 3.05E+15 49.60%
Gen J M Gavin OH 7.74E+15 3.34E+15 56.90%
J M Stuart OH 6.52E+15 3.51E+15 46.20%
Killen Station OH 5.24E+15 3.31E+15 36.80%
Miami Fort Generating Station OH 6.84E+15 3.98E+15 41.70%
W H Sammis OH 7.85E+15 4.19E+15 46.60%
W H Zimmer Generating Station OH 6.43E+15 3.83E+15 40.40%
Walter C Beckjord Generating Station OH 6.55E+15 3.95E+15 39.80%