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Animation of changing air quality from 2005-2013.

Image Credit: NASA Goddard's Scientific Visualization Studio/T. Schindler.

Welcome to NASA’s Air Quality from space website!  Currently, this website focuses on nitrogen dioxide (NO2) observations from Aura’s Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI).  NO2 is unhealthy to breathe and is also a necessary ingredient for the formation of unhealthy levels of surface ozone.  The content on this site is created for US air quality managers, but there are many other applications and audiences that could benefit from this content. 

Explore this site for:

  1. Excel or .asci files of OMI NO2 data for major US cities and for individual power plants;

  2. Maps of OMI NO2 observations for major US cities and power plants;

  3. Free data and visualization resources;

  4. Publications on how the trends and variations in OMI NO2 data compare to those in Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Air Quality System (AQS) surface data and Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) emissions data from power plants ("Publications" tab);

  5. And links to recent news related to air quality from NASA.

This site will be continually updated to improve this resource for Air Quality Managers. We value your input!  Please feel free to send your questions and comments to help make this site more useful.

The AQAST + ARSET websites provide free additional NASA resources for AQ Managers.

AQAST LogoNASA Air Quality Applied Sciences Team (AQAST) - AQAST team members will work with you on your air quality issues using a combination of satellite data, surface data, and models.


ARSETNASA Applied Remote SEnsing Training (ARSET) - The ARSET program offers free webinars and in-person trainings on the use of NASA satellite data for Health and Air Quality Applications.

Before and After: US East Coast 2005-2011

Northeast Air Quality, 2005.Northeast Air Quality, 2011.
Image Credit: 
NASA Goddard's Scientific Visualization Studio/T. Schindler.

A Little Bit about the NASA Aura Mission

The NASA Aura satellite has been collecting observations of air pollutants in Earth's atmosphere for more than a decade.  One of the four instruments on the Aura satellite, the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI), collects data on several important air pollutants:  nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and formaldehyde (HCHO).