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Southeast Asia

NO2 levels in Southeast Asia are far lower than in the U.S., Western Europe and East Asia.  Nevertheless, there were areas of increases in some countries, such as Thailand and Vietnam, including the expanding industrial parks of the cities of Hanoi and Haiphong.  Large decreases occurred over a few cities, such as Jakarta (Indonesia), though the causes are unknown.

East Asia Regional Changes in NO2, 2005-2016

Image Credit: 
NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

The trend map of East Asia shows the change in NO2 levels from 2005 to 2016.

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Regional Data

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Region: Southeast Asia
City Country Region 2020 Avg. NO2 Change (%) Uncertainty (±%)
Jakarta Indonesia Southeast Asia 3.24 -43.00 7.33
Bandung Indonesia Southeast Asia 8.81 -8.65 9.33
Surabaya Indonesia Southeast Asia 2.42 -9.97 6.95
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Southeast Asia 2.49 -22.18 10.22
Yangoon Myanmar Southeast Asia 1.23 55.83 13.43
Port Moresby Papua New Guinea Southeast Asia 2.98 43.11 16.28
Manila Philippines Southeast Asia 2.09 7.60 8.40
Singapore Singapore Southeast Asia 3.88 -20.33 10.73
Bangkok Thailand Southeast Asia 4.71 -18.80 11.05
Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Southeast Asia 2.12 30.34 10.30